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Dwarven Goat Rider!
(Collab: Original lineart by the amazing Even Mehl Amundsen. )


Hi, I'm Jordy Lakiere. Want to hire me - ask a question - tell me something? Send me an e-mail!. :)

CLIENTS include:
Cygames Inc. (株式会社)), Fantasy Flight Games, Larian Studios, Cubicle 7, Noah Bradley - art camp (as instructor), KCC entertainment

As seen in: Exposé 10, Rage of Bahamut, Lord of the Rings Card Game, The One Ring - The Darkening of Mirkwood (RPG book), Divinity: Original Sin, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead,

Check out my sketches as well!

I sketch a lot. In fact - I paint every single day of my life. These are often not big finished illustrations, or portfolio-worthy concept art, but rather all kinds of short, varied timeframes spent on varied topics - and perhaps more recent work.

Click the image below to see some of those sketches on my sketches page!

Glaurung, Father of Dragons

The Shaming of the King

Buffalo Posse

Hobgoblin Rider

Waterfall village - Made for a collab video with Sinix Design - Click here to watch the video

Winter Adventurers

Maternity - Remus & Romulus

Battle at Monghadi



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